Our primary responsibility is the safety and health of each employee and anyone who comes into contact with our jobsites. Following the Federal and State Occupational Safety and Health Act requirements we recognize that proper safety precautions should always be taken, therefore, Pacific Plumbing & underground has established and implemented a Injury & Illness prevention Plan (IIPP). Implementation of hazard specific and/or safety specific programs are also written and followed which has gained us a great rating and qualification on ISNetworld. In addition to this, training on specific job duties are continuously being done and courses taken to make sure the highest level of safety is continuously being followed. Our aim is NO accidents NO injuries.

Safety Department

Our Safety Department is one of our most crucial departments. Administrated by personnel with many years of Safety experience in the construction industry to perform their daily tasks efficiently, maintain proper records and help our techs achieve positive results in the field.



We maintain a fleet control program that is constantly monitored on both moving and stopped vehicles to ensure that our vehicles are operated safely and lawfully.


Our equipment is only operated by the most qualified individuals who have to complete rigorous training to show they are capable of operating the equipment safely.

Work Force

Our work force conducts weekly tool box topics, Bi-Weekly foreman meetings, and goes over safety topics directly related to their daily job task and/or job specific duties for that project.


These items are inspected daily prior to any use to check for and sign of flaw and are replaced immediately if any are shown.


We are continuously training on safety and have programs and courses set up with certification that cover an array of subject including; Trenching and Shoring, Confined Space, Fall Protection, PG&E OQ’s and more.

PG&E OQ’s Certified

  • 02-13 Install and Backfill Pipe in Ditch –
  • Plastic, Steel
  • 02-14 Tracer Wire
  • 21-11 Mechanical Fitting (Stab)
  • 21.06 Heat Iron Butt Fusion
  • 21.03 Heat Iron Socket Fusion
  • Leed Certified
  • Confined Space Certified
  • Pipe Fusion Certified
  • Scissor Lift Certified

Our Fleet Process

Relying on the field personnel to get the job done right is one thing and providing them with the right equipment is another.  Our fleet consists of the newest and latest equipment. Over 10 million dollars spent on environmentally friendly equipment, including but not limited to:

  • Excavators ranging from 10,000 to 175,000 pounds.
  • Compactors which include walk behind models, patted drum rollers, asphalt rollers, three-wheel REX Compactors and Caterpillar four-wheel Compactors.
  • Multiple Backhoes,skid steerand several special attachments that allow for specialized activities.
  • Wheel loaders ranging from multiple cubic yards.
  • GPS Technology, Video Inspections.
  • Multiple bulldozersand excavators
  • Dump Trucks

And Over 50 Vehicles allowing us to deliver equipment and the manpower onto the field.

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