Plenty of Cities and Counties count on us as their plumber and engineering contractor of choice. We provide solutions and make those solutions a reality.


Hot Tapping

Live tapping with no service interruption

Pottable Water Systems

Recycled Water/Domestic

Septic Tank To Sewer Conversion

Abandonment of old septic tanks to run new laterals to tie in to city utilities.

Tenant improvements

Improvements for Manufacturers, Restaurants, Labs and Office buildings.

Pipe Bursting

Replace existing utilities using a trench-less method

ADA Compliance Work

Upgrades of all plumbing fixtures to meet the disability codes


Urinal or Toilet Flush valves installation and repairs

Pipe Insulation

Conserving Energy and Conserving Water

Roof Drains

Keep water off your roofs

Backflow Prevention

Prevent water contamination of common water mains


Meter for gas or water on the building side to read usage of certain tenants

Grease Traps

Separate grease from water that flows to the sewer system

Indirect Waste

A drain to help you in preventing sewer contamination

Installation/ Repair/ Maintenance of all plumbing fixtures

Plumbing, Faucets, Garbage disposals and more.

All Wet and Dry Utilities

Water Heaters

Tankless or Storage to store your hot water

Leak Detection

A device used to locate underground leaks

Recirculation Water Systems

Need hot water faster..create a hot continuous loops

Drain Cleaning & Repairs

Plumbing, Faucets, Garbage disposals and more.Plumbing, Faucets, Garbage disposals and more.

Earthquake Shut-Off Valves

Shut off your gas during an earthquake to prevent a catastrophe.

Hydrojetting Services

Using the high pressured water to liquify build up in the drain system and get rid of your clog for good.

Water, Sewer, Gas line Replacement, repair and inspection

Quick and reliable service 24 hours a day.

Subfloor Repair

Rotted or Damage wood flooring, we can replace and repair it all.

Basin & Manhole Cleaning

Prevention is Key from big build ups

Sump Pump Repair

Pumping storm water from a lower point.